All about the Coffin Boffin™

Hi I'm Darren, creator of the Coffin Boffin.

Tired of missing out on the latest toys from the USA that either never released or introduced late to Europe I began importing some toys and collector items for myself. I was asked many times if I could do the same for others, so since 2020 I have been buying and selling hard to get and limited edition (sold out) toys in France and Europe.

Due to the nature of importation costs and exchange rates not being favourable I can't offer the products at the same price our American friends enjoy. But I can offer the products to those who just can't wait for them to appear in European stores.

Where can I buy Monster High Dolls In France & Europe?

I have regular small shipments of Mattel, Monster High, Rainbow High, Jurassic Park, Vintage collectibles and toys reaching France sometimes twice per month.

You can even put in a special order for your dream haul if you need a product for a birthday or special occasion just send me a message.

I'm about to launch a product that I have designed myself as an accessory for Monster High Collectors. The Coffin Boffin Resin Display case.

I'm here to share my passion of creation and the thrill off the treasure hunt. I hope I can help you find your next favourite toy!

My personal Whatsapp +33768366058

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